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In addition to the details previously provided, some interesting insights from Envoi, agent for United Oil and Gas, follow:

  • Only 11 exploration wells have ever been drilled in the entire country (comprising an area of around 258,137 kmincluding all the offshore areas), all between 1955 and 1982
  • Hydrocarbon shows were observed in all but one of these wells despite not having tested valid structures, as is evident on the latest data
  • Just 2 of the 11 wells were drilled offshore
  • Extensive onshore fieldwork and seep analysis studies have confirmed mature Eocene and Cretaceous oil-prone source rock potential, with migrated oil identified in onshore wells and outcrop samples. These include Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian-Turonian) aged organic shales exhibiting total organic carbon (TOC) up to 8% with maturity.
  • Modelling also suggests significant oil potential exists in mature Cretaceous source kitchens in both the Walton and Morant basins while shallower Palaeogene shales with TOCs up to 15% could also locally be deep enough to be mature.
  • An independent Prospective Resources Audit completed by Gaffney Cline & Associates in December 2020 estimates that just 11 of the total 21 prospects & leads defined to date contain a combined total unrisked mean prospective recoverable resources in excess of 2.4 Billion STOOIP (stock-tank oil initially in place). Of this, 406 MMbbls is attributable to the Colibri Prospect alone, with an upside of 966 MMbbls STOOIP.
  • United is offering a material interest and potential operatorship to suitably qualified parties in the license in return for a commitment to fund a well to test the Colibri Prospect before January 2026, which would fulfill the obligations for the current Second Exploration Period of the Licence.

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Did you miss the boat on Guyana?😉 This may be a good opportunity. The risk-reward ratio looks pretty favorable.

Per the Energy Advisors Group:

  • Gaffney, Cline & Associates have audited the drill-ready target prospect with mean resources of 400 MMbbls
  • Standalone success on hitting the mean target is expected to achieve NPV10 of $2.5 billion at $60 oil
  • The test well cost is estimated to be $30 million and provides exposure to own a material interest in the entire license
  • The initial target is a carbonate platform and shows strong evidence of reservoir trap and intact seal, Cretaceous kitchen source and live oil seeps
  • Recent advanced seismic relative dispersion technical work provides further evidence of reservoir porosity and permeability, the presence of a seal, and additional reservoir potential
  • The License, formerly owned by Tullow, is well-supported by the Jamaican government with attractive fiscal terms

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United’s Walton-Morant license, offshore Jamaica

Note that the license covers 22,400 sq km, as compared to ~25 sq km for a typical US offshore lease block.

“In Jamaica, the farm-out of our high impact exploration licence with 2.4 billion barrels of unrisked mean prospective oil resource is picking up pace with a timetable for receipt of indicative offers due in Q2 2023. 

In Jamaica, as part of the licence extension that was granted, technical studies that have provided additional positive support to the farm-out process have been completed

United Oil and Gas

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United Oil & Gas

Jamaican Energy Minister Daryl Vaz “cautiously anticipates a play-opening exploration well declaration by 2024.”


With extensive seismic data coverage, including 2,250 km2 of 3D data, numerous plays and prospects have already been identified and mapped across the area – leading to over 2.4 billion barrels unrisked mean prospective resources being assigned to the licence. The drill-ready, high-impact Colibri prospect alone contains mean prospective resources of 406 mmbbls.

United Oil & Gas

The Colibri prospect is in 750 m of water, and according to this article, would be developed with a tenstion-leg platform if a commercial discovery is made.

BOE will be following this interesting project closely.

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United Oil & Gas is looking for partners to drill the promising Colibri prospect offshore Jamaica. United’s exploration license has been extended after the completion of Jamaica’s first 3-D seismic survey. The results were encouraging as indicated in the video below. High risk, high reward opportunity!

Walton Morant - UOG
United Oil and Gas Video

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