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Much of the discussion was about his career and the state of journalism. Some of Hersh’s comments on his Nord Stream story:

  • He will protect his sources as he always has
  • The Nord Stream Pipeline sabotage was “stupid beyond belief”
  • “Pipeline industry knows what happened”
  • Only one major news show (Tucker Carlson) has contacted him and Hersh chose not to be interviewed
  • He was shocked that no other news organization pursued the story
  • He has received 1600 emails in 2.5 days since the article was published

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Given the complicated situations that can occur, I think that the key is in understanding what can happen on a particular well, given the well geometry and rig specifics, such that communications with the crew are simple and focused.  The key is playing the “what if” games before a real incident occurs. ~ Colin Leach

In light of BOE’s interest in drilling safety, we thought we would ask a few questions to Colin Leach, a well control expert and a partner in Argonauta Energy Services.   Colin has over 26 years of upstream experience with an emphasis on deepwater drilling, and is internationally recognized for the depth and breadth of his understanding of drilling systems.  Read Colin’s insightful comments here.

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Magne Ognedal

BOE is pleased and honored that Magne Ognedal, Director General of the Petroleum Safety Authority – Norway, has agreed to the blog’s first interview.  Magne is an internationally recognized authority on offshore safety and regulatory policy.  He has been a leader of the International Regulators’ Forum since its inception in 1994, has assisted governments with emerging offshore energy programs, and served as program and steering committee chair for major international conferences.   He was recently appointed by the King’s cabinet to a second 6-year term as Director General.  I’m sure you will be interested in Magne’s candid and informative comments about offshore safety, regulatory policy, and international cooperation.

I am glad Norway is one Kingdom!

Update: See Magne’s 10 February comments about offshore safety and PSA’s report- Safety Status and Signals, 2009-2010.  For an e-book version (nice work by Ole-Johan Faret!) click here.

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