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Per the BSEE borehole file, there were 2 deepwater exploratory well starts since 4/1/2023. The Shell well is another GoM milestone in that it is the 150th well spudded in >8000′ of water. The first was in the year 2000.

Operatorspud datelocationwater depth
Chevron5/5/2023Mississippi Canyon 6086678′
Shell4/13/2023Alaminos Canyon 7288660′

Arena and Cantium continue to drive shelf drilling. Below are the shelf development wells since 4/1/2023:

Operatorspud datelocationwater depth
Arena5/6/2023Eugene Island 261160′
Cantium4/8/2023Main Pass 3860′
Cantium4/1/2023Main Pass 299217′

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