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BP and Equinor have quit Nova Scotia’s upstream sector in Canada, leaving the once-alluring region without an active exploration licence, potentially putting a final nail in the coffin of the province’s E&P scene which is already been on its death bed.

Discoverer Seven Seas

Some of us remember the record water depth well (4876′) drilled by the Discoverer Seven Seas offshore Nova Scotia in 1979. (Correction: The record water depth well was actually offshore Newfoundland. Many thanks to Howard Pike for the reminder.)

Some notable achievements offshore Nova Scotia:

  • Cohasset Panuke provided Canada’s first offshore oil production (1992), and the first for the Atlantic waters of North America.
  • The Sable Offshore Energy Project was responsible for Canada’s first offshore gas production (1999)
  • A novel jackup platform produced gas from the Deep Panuke field from 2013 to 2018.

The only remaining exploration and production operations in the Atlantic offshore North America are in Newfoundland waters (link to map).

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