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Jan de Jong, Inspector General, State Supervision of Mines, the Netherlands

I want to thank Jan de Jong, Inspector General, State Supervision of Mines (SSM), the Netherlands, for the support he expressed for the former Minerals Management Service at yesterday’s Ministerial Forum in Washington. Jan spoke favorably about his experiences with MMS personnel and questioned the public criticism.

Last year, SSM celebrated its 200th anniversary. I encourage you to view an excellent anniversary video about this very effective regulator. Pay special attention to the description of their regulatory philosophy, which begins at about the 6 minute mark.

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The above slide is from the excellent presentation that Jan de Jong (Inspector General, State Supervision of Mines, the Netherlands) never got to deliver in Vancouver. As session chair, Jan graciously yielded his time to his panelists.

Jan’s presentation notes the growing importance of international cooperation. This trend has the potential to improve regulatory capabilities, expand data availability and access, reduce regulatory costs through the sharing of resources, reduce costs for industry through greater international consistency and regulatory certainty, and improve international relations.  The Netherlands, Russia, Norway, Cuba, the US, and everyone else should be on the same team when it comes to offshore safety and pollution prevention.  Some near-term suggestions follow:

  • Except where regional conditions dictate otherwise, the same standards should be applied worldwide.  Government and industry should be collectively questioning, testing, and improving these standards. Remember that the goal is continuous improvement, not mere compliance.
  • An international information system should provide for the collection and verification of incident and performance data.
  • Using international data and expertise, a cooperative risk assessment program should be initiated.
  • An organized international audit capability should be established to evaluate operators and regulators.
  • To improve access to expertise and reduce costs, a network of specialists should assist regulators worldwide.
  • Industry training requirements should be uniform and consistently applied, and regulator training programs should be consolidated regionally or internationally.
  • The international research network should be expanded.
  • To ensure that accidents are investigated independently and to minimize the potential for political influences on the investigation process, an international accident investigation capability should be established.
  • The safety culture message should be promoted worldwide.  Successes and failures should be cooperatively examined.

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Queen Beatrix recognizes Jan de Jong, Inspector General, and the State Supervision of Mines

200 jaar Staatstoezicht op de Mijnen!

A regulatory agency does not survive for 200 years without the respect and support of elected officials and the public. The State Supervision of Mines (SSM) in the Netherlands has earned its outstanding reputation through sustained excellence and innovation.

SSM regulates all aspects of oil and gas exploration, production, and transportation, wind projects, and mining activities.

To learn more about the SSM, I encourage you to view this 200th anniversary video. At about the 6 minute mark, pay particular attention to SSM’s regulatory philosophy which emphasizes risk assessment and effective management systems.  SSM does “not focus on nuts and bolts but on the effectiveness of management systems.”

Congratulations to Jan, Roel, Jos, Michael, and the dedicated professionals of the State Supervision of Mines. Keep going strong through anniversaries 210, 220, and beyond!

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